Sri Kakani
CEO, Co-founder

Prady Gupta
Co-founder, Operations

Ankur Jain
Board Member


How many times it has happened to you that you can shop products thousands of miles away, but it is difficult to find what is available within 5 miles of your home. AVOCADO is solving that problem with its revolutionizing local commerce platform. AVOCADO’s platform brings local stores online and provides unprecedented convenience to users by enabling search, discovery, pickup and same-day delivery of millions of local products. Our goal is to democratize commerce by provide cutting edge technology platform to local retailers. AVOCADO team has graduates from StanfordHarvardINSEAD and IIT with track record of building successful startups. Team AVOCADO takes pride in seamlessly combining advanced technology with boots-in-the-mud practicality to build technology that is innovative, cool and helps customers.