Lakshmi Bazaar

Indian food market stocking a selection of traditional products, spices & produce.


5178 Moorpark Ave, San Jose, CA 95129

Hours: M-S: 9AM to 9PM

Does the long lineage of the Indian culture fascinate you? Are you bedazzled by the glistening idols, the meditative chants and the vibrancy of the country? Then here’s some good news for you- Lakshmi Bazaar is now officially partnering with AVOCADO!  

Bringing to the heart of California authentic flavors of India, Lakshmi Bazaar specializes in traditional Indian cuisines, spices and produces. But what it strikingly stands out for is its vast range of authentic, tasteful Indian cuisines, from appetizers and snacks to entrees that has driven the entire California wild!

Ever since Lakshmi Bazaar announced its partnership with AVOCADO, its sales turnover ratio is now on an unremitting ascent! Now that Lakshmi Bazaar is online, more and more Indian food lovers are satisfying their cravings on a daily basis. Whether it is fresh and crispy Aloo Samosas or piping hot Dal Mahkani, Lakshmi Bazaar serves it within hours of ordering, all thanks to AVOCADO!

AVOCADO’s innovative online shopping platform has completely revolutionized the market for retailers! Foodies with gastronomical urges for Indian food used to travel all the way to San Jose to entertain their taste buds with South Asian flavors. Today, Lakshmi Bazaar extends its addictive culinary creations all the way from San Jose to Saratoga, Santa Clara and Cupertino! And no, if you’re worried about the food not being sizzling or the spices not being fresh then you’re way too wrong- it’s super fresh!

AVOCADO’s online shopping platform allows users to indulge in a seamless shopping experience. Simply by downloading the app and punching in their local zip code, they can access Lakshmi Bazaar through the app and place their order!