DeMartini Orchard Adds AVOCADO to Promote Same Day Delivery

LOS ALTOS, Calif., Oct. 29, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- DeMartini Orchard has announced a partnership with AVOCADO. Users can now order from DeMartini Orchard through the AVOCADO Shopping app, providing consumers with a seamless shopping experience. With this partnership, DeMartini aims to provide unprecedented convenience to its users and improved user engagement.  

DeMartini Orchard's founders, The Kozy brothers, maintain long-time relationships with the finest local growers, and continue to search for the absolute best products available. Whether it's from local organic growers or conventional farmers, the Kozy Brothers goal is to be your everyday Farmers Market.

James Kozy of DeMartini said, "The partnership with AVOCADO Shopping app has been very beneficial for us. Through the app, our customers enjoy home delivery and same day accessibility to the freshest supply of local produce." He continued, "users can easily browse various department and aisles and see what is available at the store at any time."

The AVOCADO Shopping app helps users discover best local stores in their area and provide its stores (that already have physical presence) an omni-channel shopping experience. "Our vision is to empower local retail stores and make their products accessible across channels so that it is easier for users to browse, search and order for home delivery from stores within their local area," said Srikanth, CEO of AVOCADO.  "AVOCADO is able to increase the revenue for stores by 2-10% by allowing stores to reach more customers and increasing their order sizes," Srikanth added.

According to Jaysen Gillespie, at Criteo, "Omni-channel shoppers represent a significant opportunity for brands, as they are the customers that tend to spend more compared to offline-only or online-only customers. Retailers that are successful in combining offline and online data are able to apply more than four times as much sales data to improve marketing efforts, contributing to the higher lifetime value of the omni-channel customer." The statistics make it evident that DeMartini and its customers are both going to gain through this addition to an effective, Omni-channel method of selling.

AVOCADO platform is designed for local stores to quickly bring their brick-and-mortar stores online and build an omni-channel presence. AVOCADO team has more than 30-years of experience building three successful startups in enterprise technology and retail. AVOCADO's platform provides unprecedented convenience to users by enabling search, discovery, pickup and same-day delivery of millions of local products. For more information, visit or contact

AVOCADO | Fresh groceries from DeMartini Orchard

AVOCADO is here to help you save time at the grocery store and focus on what matters most - your family. We understand that grocery shopping can be time consuming and laborious. That is why we have devised an innovative and convenient service that provides same day grocery delivery in Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Mountain View from your favorite DeMartini Orchard. When you need your groceries delivered right to your doorstep in under two hours, you can depend on AVOCADO to provide the exceptional same day grocery delivery service you need.


At AVOCADO, we are dedicated to changing the way people shop for groceries. With the advent of the Internet, the items you need are just a click away. We have invented a service that allows you to shop for groceries from your local supermarket in the comfort of your own home. When you are ready you can select the items you need and enjoy receiving them the same day in just a few hours.

Enjoy Grocery Shopping From Home

We are passionate about bringing streamlined processes to our customers looking for an easier and more efficient way to grocery shop. Our shoppers are expertly trained to pick the freshest fruits and vegetables as well as quality grocery items. With literally hundreds of shoppers available to shop for groceries and bring them right to your doorstep, you will have the best groceries without even lifting a finger.


How to use Avocado


Using Avocado for online grocery shopping from DeMartini Orchard has never been more convenient than it is today. Follow the instructions below to get fresh same day delivery from your favorite store.

1.     Download Avocado Shopping app from the Android Play Store or Apple App Store.

2.     After downloading the Avocado Shopping application for your device, signup with Facebook or Google.

3.     Add your favorite foods, items or products to your cart

4.     Enter any promotions available that you may have from the drop down menu.

5.     Pay, Check Out & enjoy our on-demand delivery service.

Wasn’t that easy? Online grocery shopping has never been easier. Our primary focus when creating our application was user experience and we know that you’re going to find it very easy and intuitive to use.