Do you search for ways to combat your skin problems such as wrinkles, dark spots and pigmentation naturally?

Our age, environment and the chemicals we use on our skins affect our skins. From the appearance of wrinkles and acne breakouts, to dehydration—everything around us directly impacts our skin.  

Naturally, you find yourself looking for the best, organic skincare products. However, if you’re a full-time employee in New York, then taking the time out to head over to the beauty store, buy organic skincare products and use them sounds impossible.

But not anymore!

Sweetwater Labs — New York’s most prestigious skincare store — has finally embraced your favorite online app, AVOCADO Shopping!

A work of genius of Nadia Doh and Yoav Irom, Sweetwater Labs is the result of over a decade long research and experiment. Known as one of the pioneering full-service, organic skincare retailers in New York, this place caters to a diverse range of customers with its vast variety of products.

From solutions to dry and flaky skin to thin eyebrows and eyelash fall, Sweetwater Labs is the perfect solution for all those New Yorkers who want to achieve their ultimate Harper’s Bazaar magazine-cover look!

But what’s more exciting is that you can actually order your very own beauty spa right at home! Now that Sweetwater Labs has partnered with AVOCADO Shopping app, you can enjoy a seamless shopping experience within the comforts of your home or the discomforts of your workplace!

What’s even more exciting is that you can actually enjoy same day delivery of your favorite Sweetwater Labs products in New York. All you have to do is download the app, enter your area code and see if same day delivery from Sweetwater Labs is available in your zip code! AVOCADO is bringing unique local products to you. If its specialty, unique and local, it will be delivered to you same day by AVOCADO Shopping!

For your ultimate skin treatment, shop at Sweetwater Labs from AVOCADO Shopping! To download the app, click here.