Patel Brothers – The Enterprise’s Humble Beginnings

The Patel Brother’s store in your neighborhood that you run to whenever your mom needs some fresh dhania, garam masla, or desi anday for her special Indian curry wasn’t always there.

For most of us, the huge Indian grocery store has been the reason our taste buds haven’t forgotten the taste of home. We owe this convenience to Mafat Patel, a 23-year old engineer working factory lines in 1970. The work was mundane and the food bland. Many of his Indian co-workers, hailing from various parts of India, felt the way.


Mafat recognized the potential this niche had. Due to the recent influx of South Asian emigrants, there was a large market that would jump at the chance of tasting authentic Indian flavor on foreign soil. The idea of opening up an Indian grocery store started forming in his head.

He bought a shabby storefront, and called his brother to America to help him out with the planning. Three years later, in 1974, the first Patel Brothers store opened up in Chicago. It was small, haphazard and dimly-lit, but it stacked a variety of Indian spices, vegetables, and condiments that are hard to come by in America. 

Little did the Patels know that their small dingy store would transform into the biggest Indian grocery store chain in America. Today, there is a Patel Brothers outlet in almost every major city of the United States, offering all sorts Indian brands of foods, spices, and even half-cooked meals. 

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