Patel Brothers – Cultural Hub of Bay Area

The Patel Brothers has become more than just a simple grocery store in America. It is a place where South Asians go to whenever they miss their home.  It is a store frequented by all South Asians, not just Indians, but Pakistanis, Bengalis, Nepalese. There’s something for all of them at Patel Brothers.

All of them claim that being in Patel Brothers makes them feel like they’re inside a grocery store back home. The whole ambiance of the store makes people forget that they’re in America. Unlike the other Indian stores that are dingy and dusty, Patel Brothers stores are vast, clean, and staffed by trained, courteous employees who can communicate in both English and Hindi. Their attention to customer service is what keeps people going to them.

Founded by Mr. Patel in 1974, the small store has grown into the largest Indian grocery chain in America. Today, it has more than 50 stores all across the states and South Asians from all over the country swear by it.

Patel Brothers has a huge variety of Indian food, ingredients, snacks, vegetables, and fruits. They import famous Indian delicacies from all major brands across India, so Indians in America can have whatever they crave. They also stock all sorts of local spices, wheat flour, basmati rice, and every other Indian food under the sun. They’ve even introduced their own line of Ready-To-Eat packs of common Indian dishes like Daal Tadka, Bhindi Masala and Paneer Makhni. So whatever you need from Patel Brother, place an order online through and get it delivered to your place for free in Santa Clara, San Jose, Mountain View, Cupertino, Saratoga, Los Gatos, Los Altos, Sunnyvale, Milpitas, for free on orders above $25.

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