5 Reasons Hawaii’s Down to Earth is Our Favorite

Since 1977, Down to Earth has been helping improve the health of Hawaii’s residents by making available organic and natural products at affordable prices (the slogan used to be, “Healthy foods at prices that won’t make you sick!”), and educating about the many benefits of living a vegetarian lifestyle.  

Here are a few things we love about our favorite Down to Earth grocery store:

1. Proud to be local:  Down to Earth buys produce from over 100 Hawaii farmers to bring the best locally grown produce on the island. At Down to Earth you’ll find a wide array of locally grown produce, including herbs, lettuce, carrots, and greens, along with other local favorites like non-GMO papaya and an assortment of local bananas.

2. Freshness you have never seen before: Buying local helps Down to Earth to provide you with the freshest, healthiest produce possible. Fresh produce contains the highest possible amount of nutrients and enzymes.  Working with local farmers also helps bring the freshest produce year-round. Down to Earth local produce is one to two days from harvest to our shelves, and often it’s on our shelves the same day. Fresh. Crisp. Just the way you like it!

3. Organic: Down to Earth has a large selection of organic produce. Organic standards mean that you can be sure produce has been grown without chemical pesticides and herbicides, sewage sludge, ionizing radiation, or genetic engineering.

4. Natural Products: “Natural” is a term that has become increasingly misused in the food industry. It might be difficult for consumers to know if something is truly natural. When you shop at Down to Earth, you can trust that you are buying quality, natural produce—no genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Down to Earth stands by its commitment to provide food as nature intended. Food that is good for you and good for the environment.

5. Best health food store 11 years in a row: Down to Earth has won the Star-Advertiser’s People’s Choice Award for Best Health Food Store eleventh year in a row.  This accomplishment is due to their customers’ loyal support, team members’ hard work and dedication, and their commitment to providing quality products and excellent service. Down to Earth has always been, a community-based business dedicated to promoting healthy living, respect for the environment, sustainable organic farming, and a vegetarian lifestyle.


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How to use Avocado

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