Indian Grocery Store – The Perfect Spot for Vegans and Healthy Eaters

Indian Grocery store are the perfect spot for buying groceries for vegans and healthy eaters. Indian diet is largely vegetarian. Eating meat is discouraged and frowned upon in Hinduism, which is the most dominant religion in India. Thus, Indian food contains little-to-no meat varieties, and it focuses on a fresh vegetables and herbs that are […]

Daal – An Indian Household’s Food Essential

Perhaps what I miss most about Indian cuisine are the dozens of different daals available. There was moong, masoor, chaana and kaali daal, each one more delectable than the next. Sometimes, amma used to make mixed daal, which was a combination of all the different lentils combined. Give it a little dash of tarka, combine […]

Patel Brothers – Perfect Stop for All your Indian Food Cravings

Bringing the taste of their homeland to every Indian living away from home, Patel Brothers have been delivering excellence since 1974. Stocking all things related to Indian food, it has been the go-to-Indian grocery store for many South Asians living in the US. Whether you’re looking for exotic Indian ingredients to put in your homemade […]

AVOCADO | Fresh groceries from DeMartini Orchard

AVOCADO is here to help you save time at the grocery store and focus on what matters most – your family. We understand that grocery shopping can be time consuming and laborious. That is why we have devised an innovative and convenient service that provides same day grocery delivery in Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, […]

Avocado | Same Day Grocery Delivery App

Same Day Food Delivery Looking for a same day food delivery? We can help. We know that the task of shopping for groceries is tedious, boring and never any fun. After all, who wants to take hours away from their day to drive to a store, weave in and out of hundreds of people, pick […]

Patel Brothers now delivering with AVOCADO

Do you want to spice things up with a delicious, savory, and flavorful homemade Indian meal? Then shop at your favorite Indian grocery store—Patel Brothers! Located in Santa Clara, CA, Patel Brothers has been offering Indian grocery items since 1974. From spice blends, spices, and snacks to condiments, beverages, and ready-to-eat items, Patel Brothers bring […]

Max Muscle: An Unparalleled Service

Max Muscle now delivers Same Day thanks to the AVOCADO shopping! Restructuring your life with Max Muscle and moving from junk food to healthier options can really bring out a positive change in your mindset. Are you struggling to make that transition? Can’t choose the healthier options for the right lifestyle? If yes then we […]