Patel Brothers – The Enterprise’s Humble Beginnings

The Patel Brother’s store in your neighborhood that you run to whenever your mom needs some fresh dhania, garam masla, or desi anday for her special Indian curry wasn’t always there. For most of us, the huge Indian grocery store has been the reason our taste buds haven’t forgotten the taste of home. We owe […]

Indian Grocery Delivery – A New, Cheaper and Convenient Option

Getting good, convenient Indian food can often be a pain for us Indian Americans. Indian stores are sparse, and often miles away from where you live. You can’t drive down to the nearest Patel Brothers, which is at least a half hour away, to get the ingredients for bhindi masala or gulab jamuns because you’ve […]

Mangoes – Highlight of Every Indians Summer

Growing up in India, summer always meant the arrival of monsoon and mangoes. Though we have no reason to miss the rain here, America has plenty already, we do miss the mangoes. Americans are not particularly fond of mangoes, but in South Asian culture, mangoes are a cult favorite. The sweet, bright yellow fruit has […]

Indian Grocery Store – The Perfect Spot for Vegans and Healthy Eaters

Indian Grocery store are the perfect spot for buying groceries for vegans and healthy eaters. Indian diet is largely vegetarian. Eating meat is discouraged and frowned upon in Hinduism, which is the most dominant religion in India. Thus, Indian food contains little-to-no meat varieties, and it focuses on a fresh vegetables and herbs that are […]

Daal – An Indian Household’s Food Essential

Perhaps what I miss most about Indian cuisine are the dozens of different daals available. There was moong, masoor, chaana and kaali daal, each one more delectable than the next. Sometimes, amma used to make mixed daal, which was a combination of all the different lentils combined. Give it a little dash of tarka, combine […]