Max Muscle: An Unparalleled Service


Max Muscle now delivers Same Day thanks to the

AVOCADO shopping!

Restructuring your life with Max Muscle and moving from junk food to healthier options can really bring out a positive change in your mindset.

Are you struggling to make that transition? Can’t choose the healthier options for the right lifestyle? If yes then we have just the solution for you! Download the new Avocado shopping app and connect with the nearest Max Muscle in San Mateo for a complete self-transformation!

Max Muscle, founded in 1991, is one of the best and highly sought after nutrition suppliers that accommodate your health and fitness needs. The store has a vast array of products such as nutritional supplements, customized nutrition coaching, personalized meal planning and more. It is safe to say that Max Muscle is your go-to place to go to for all your health, fitness and nutrition concerned queries.

Ever since Max Muscle has partnered with AVOCADO, things are looking brighter for sports fanatics, fitness freaks and athletes in Bay Area. With AVOCADO’s partnership with the San Mateo franchise of Max Muscle, you can now receive your sports vitamins delivery in less than 3 hours to Redwood City, San Mateo, San Bruno, Foster City, Burlingame and Daly City.

Bay Area’s locals simply have to punch in their area zip code to access the Max Muscle store. What’s so stellar about this partnership is the same day nutrition delivery to your doorstep just a few hours after you placed the order!

“With AVOCADO’s technology, local stores can leverage their physical locations and offer same day pickup and delivery services to customers. Local customers already know the store brands and love the convenience that AVOCADO Shopping app provides,” says Srikanth Kakani, the CEO and co-founder of the AVOCADO shopping app.

He continued, “AVOCADO platform is a nodal point for many emerging opportunities at the hyper local level. AVOCADO plugs into a network of on-demand drivers and delivery services that are already established and avails products to consumers for same day delivery.”

So whether you’re looking for nutritional recharge or sports vitamins delivery, download the AVOCADO Shopping app or go to and obtain your favorite products within a few hours.