The Power of Your Purchase—AVOCADO’s Mission

Empower Your Community and Celebrate Cultural Diversity Through the Power of Your Purchase

Emancipating your basic right to relish cultural diversity, AVOCADO brings back the richness in your lifestyle by enabling you to access products from unique local retailers within the comforts of your home.

Every Place Is Different in Its Own Way and Uniqueness Comes from  People Around Us!

Our culture is represented by what we create, spread and share as individuals and as members of our community. The things that we use and the lives we live symbolize our founding principles and what we value the most.

The pure delight brought to our lives by the unique and specialty products manufactured by the local retailers is more precious than any crystal in this world. Yet, accessing and consuming such products that enrich our lives is difficult.

AVOCADO aims to create a utopian world for you—a world where you can celebrate your identity as part of this thriving cultural community with ease. Our mission is to allow you to reclaim your rights by providing a platform where you can indulge in local and specialty products, uniquely crafted with love.

Unlike the million-dollar international firms that robotically supply homogenous products to you that lack the very essence of humanity, local retailers are artisans who invest their thought, love and kind regards in their products. They provide you with exceptional hand-crafted products, brimming with authenticity. By connecting these local craftsmen with you, AVOCADO not only rejuvenates the community with love and life, but it also improves your lifestyle by enabling you to consume specialty products within 3 hours through its doorstep delivery.

From specialty grocery and gourmet cuisines and unique handcrafted gifts and flowers to freshly brewed beers, artisan wines, organic beauty and wellness products, AVOCADO offers a vast variety of products to complete your unique consumption experience.

AVOCADO believes itself to be an exchange platform. The luxury of using specialty, fresh, unique and local products via the app allows you to empower small-scale, family-run businesses and local retailers. With AVOCADO shopping app, you make a difference.

Join us in our enterprise to keep the traditional culinary secrets and flavors of your local community by empowering small businesses. With local delivery, you encourage sustainability as we use minimal packaging and collaborate with retailers that offer deliveries.