Supper’s On! Keto Now

Have you ever wondered what you are eating? Does the food you eat contain processed ingredients or organic ingredients?  Is what you are eating affecting you and your family in a negative manner? If yes, then you need to start making changes to your dietary plan!

The brainchild of Michelle, Supper’s On! Keto Now is the perfect solution to your answers. Struggling to find answers to her own questions and processing the shock of the amount of processed ingredients in her food supplies, Michelle began preparing her own meals with sustainable and locally grown seasonal produces. Her need for fresh, healthy and reliable diet options served as her motivation to create her own meals—and thereafter, Supper’s On! Keto Now came into being!

From chicken enchiladas with tomatillo sour cream & chipotle salsa to Portobello pizza and Italian meatball with a side salad, Michelle creates all the comfort dining options with a keto-friendly twist. Some of her well-renowned daily served meals include pulled pork with keto slaw & tortillas, mustard chicken with bacon & spinach salad, and chicken & waffles.

Supper’s On! Keto Now was only available in Solano, Sanoma, Contra Costa and Nopa Counties. But now that the restaurant has partnered with AVOCADO, Michelle culinary creations are now available across the country!

With the aim of making local retailers, particularly those who offer unique and specialty products, accessible to customers, AVOCADO provides an online platform for offline-only suppliers. As a result, Supper’s On! Keto Now, which was only accessible in a few cities, now delivers its freshly cooked Keto-friendly dining options throughout the country!

What’s more is that AVOCADO has partnered with several self-driving, automated vehicle companies, which help keep its promise of under 3-hour doorstep delivery! If you want to satisfy your cravings without overstepping your daily calorie count, then you can actually enjoy piping hot keto-friendly meals from Supper’s On! Keto Now within an hour!

Are you craving some keto-friendly pesto chicken casserole? Then place your order from Supper’s On! Keto Now via AVOCADO shopping app! To place your order, you can also visit the official website here.