SpiceLuxe: The Ultimate Solution for Messy Kitchens

Have you ever accidentally sprinkled salt in your cake batter? Or, specked your delicious gravy with sugar dust? Then you know the pain of having to remake everything from scratch!

A solution to your culinary disasters, SpiceLuxe was established in 2016 by Seth Graham out of one of his own disastrous experiences. Thereafter, Seth introduced the ideal solution to prevent such culinary calamities in the most aesthetically appeasing ways through his invention—SpiceLuxe.

SpiceLuxe offers a wide range of Instagram-inspired labeled jars and lids, racks & storage, perfect for the ultimate redecoration of your kitchen. Thanks to their vast array of organic spices, you can now give your cooking a new twist of flavors. What makes this extra special is their consciousness towards keeping things eco-friendly!

So if you’re giving your kitchen a makeover or have gone through one too many instances of dredging the wrong spices in the right dish, it’s time to get in touch with SpiceLuxe.

SpiceLuxe has now partnered with AVOCADO! The once offline-only store now makes its way on the revolutionary online shopping platform, AVOCADO, making life a lot easier for you!

Whether you’re looking for ways to spice up your kitchen’s look or just trying to get more organized with your arrangements, you can now place your order through AVOCADO.  AVOCADO partners with a number of self-driving automated vehicle companies that are quick and efficient with their delivery system. As a result, AVOCADO trumps any other online retailer by delivering your packages within 3 hours of order placement.

But what makes AVOCADO an even more special place is its focus on locally produced unique and specialty products. By bringing to customers the products created with love and care, it allows you to indulge in a unique and exceptional shopping experience.

Ready to move to a more organic and organized lifestyle? Then start off with your kitchen and place your order at SpiceLuxe via AVOCADO shopping app. Or, you can place your order through AVOCADO’s website.