Netkoolr Brands Inc Makes Its Way on AVOCADO

Remember, if it’s Specialty, Unique or Local, You’ll Find It on AVOCADO!

While New York may be known as the mecca of multiculturalism and ethnic diversity, there’s something else that ascends as the hallmark of the city—fashion.

From the latest shoes to the trendiest apparel, every New Yorker makes a fashion statement, even if its street-style. But the very emblem of fashion, without which no outfit is ever complete, is a modish handbag!

A work of art of highly qualified professionals and designers, Netkoolr has completely revolutionized the world of apparels and accessories! For the last 30 years, Netkoolr has been introducing its unique hand bags into the fashion world that thrives in NYC.

Netkoolr is different from other brands as it does more than just provide you with elegant and trendy handbags; it also enables you to remain fit and healthy!

Designed with effective, eco-friendly thermal insulation, Netkoolr handbags are spacious enough to accommodate your Tupperware and allow you to store box-packed meals to keep them fresh and warm. So if you barely find any time at work to heat up your meals or are traveling and don’t have a microwave to heat your food, then this is the handbag you need!

Quite recently, Netkoolr announced that it is collaborating with the AVOCADO shopping app. With this momentous turn of events, New Yorkers can now access this handbag right in their homes! Known as a revolutionary online platform, AVOCADO enables customers to access the specialty, unique and cultural products and services offered by their local retailers.

Now that Netkoolr has made its way on AVOCADO, you can place an order for your very own thermal bag and receive it within 1 to 3 hours. The best part is that you won’t have to pay a single cent for the doorstep delivery!

To place your order and enjoy convenience, shop with AVOCADO’s website here! Or, you can click here to download the app.