Frieda & Joe Inc Partners with AVOCADO

Are you tired and exhausted with your demanding daily routine?

Do you wish to indulge in a self-pampering session?

If yes, then it’s about time for some ‘me’ time with New Jersey’s favorite—Frieda & Joe Inc!

Giving you a chance to release all the stress and frustration of your daily life, Fried & Joe create enchanting, aromatherapy infused bath bombs and bath rocks available in plentiful colors! As soon as the bath bombs or rocks collide with the water, they burst into visually pleasing colors, spreading a remedial, calming and pleasant scent all around you!

In addition, the bombs and rocks carry the benefits of essential oils such as lavender, melon, vanilla, cucumber, green tea and mint that truly deliver a rejuvenating experience!

But Frieda & Joe don’t just stop here, they’ve got more! Known for infusing natural herbs and plantations to create products with soothing effects, Frieda & Joe are quite renowned for their fragrance collections. From individual fragrances available in Cherry Blossom, Pink Peony, Red Currant and Lavender to collections for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Bridal Shower, Holiday, etc., the variety at Frieda & Joe is admirable!

Engineered with fresh and unique ingredients collected from all around the world, the fragrances are absolutely ethereal! So whether you’re looking for fragrances for personal use or a gift set, Fried & Joe’s collections are always a great idea.

Fried and Joe’s collection is even more famous in New Jersey because it is conveniently accessible. With the partnership of Fried & Joe Inc and AVOCADO shopping website and app, getting your hands on these exclusive products is super easy!

AVOCADO provides the local retailers a platform to build an online presence and connect with their customers virtually. Not only does this increase their market share, but it also allows consumers a chance to contribute to the growth and development of their community by consuming specialty bath and beauty products.

But what makes this venture so exciting is the fact that with this partnership, people from every corner of Linden, NJ, can now order exclusive bath & beauty products and receive them within 1-3 hours. As AVOCADO employs several self-driving cars, it offers free doorstep deliveries to customers, allowing them to enjoy products without any delay. This gives you a whole new consumption experience!

So if you’re ready to get your products today, place your order on AVOCADO’s shopping website. Or, download the app by clicking here.