Flowers, the souls blossoming in nature, can invigorate you with a sense of refreshment and a burst of life. Perhaps this is why, being surrounded with flowers instantly sparks up your dull spirits. If fluorescent petals and natural fragrances enchant you then there’s one place in California that you definitely need to shop from- Fleur De Lis.

Designer’s choice that allows custom compilation, Christmas collection with dazzling red roses and Anniversary bouquets bound to revive the fading romance with your significant other; Fleur De Lis has a vast range of flowers for different occasions! Gift baskets carrying seasonal fruits, and flower presents for him/her are also available at extremely reasonable rates!

Located in Los Alto, CA, Fleur De Lis now delivers bouquets and gift baskets to other cities in Bay Area including, Mountain View, Cupertino, Los Alto Hills and Palo Alto, fresh and fragrant! Of course, this was possible only with the flower shop’s collaboration with the retail-friendly platform- AVOCADO shopping app.

AVOCADO’s promises of home deliveries within 3-5 hours have been in-practice for quite some time now! This revolutionary shopping platform connects local retailers and customers, virtually. Yes, your favorite brick and mortar stores that you used to travel to can now be accessed through AVOCADO’s shopping app!

Partnership with self-driving cars enables AVOCADO to deliver all the products ordered through its app to be delivered from the local retailer to its customers in less than 3-5 hours! This is particularly beneficial for items that are perishable or fragile such as fresh edibles or flowers.

So regardless of the occasion, get your petals delivered from Fleur De Lis anywhere in Mountain View, Cupertino, Los Alto Hills or Palo Alto with the new, AVOCADO app.

Don’t have the app? Then download it from here! Or shop now at