How to Make Sticking to a New Diet Easy

If you’re like a lot of people, you probably resolved to make a few changes in the new year. It’s also a fair bet that at least one of those resolutions involved an effort to eat healthier. While this can seem daunting at the outset, it actually isn’t all that difficult to stick to a more nutritious dining routine. Here are a few tips to remember when the chips are down (no, not those kinds of chips!): 


Don’t Think of it as Dieting

If you get used to thinking of your new lifestyle as one of deprivation, then your efforts are doomed from the outset. Focus instead on finding new and healthy recipes that you’ll look forward to eating, instead of resigning yourself to a handful of lettuce leaves for dinner. Browse Pinterest, or better yet, your local library for meal planning that take you outside your comfort zone ( Make your diet an adventure and something you look forward to trying.


Think Addition, Not Subtraction

While you can’t simply add a salad to every meal and expect to lose weight, it’s difficult to stick to a diet when you’re focused on the things you can’t have, instead of things you can. Add more color to your plate in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables and keep in mind that some colorful veggies, such as sweet potatoes, are more caloric than others. Stick to moderate protein portions, keeping starchy sides to a minimum. You’ll fill up instead of out, and you won’t feel like you’re missing a thing. 


Don’t be Afraid to Seek Help

In today’s hectic, fast-paced world, it’s all too easy to fall back into unhealthy dining routines, after all, who has time to cook every night? Fortunately, the same world that’s contributing to these issues has also given us plenty of solutions. If you’re finding yourself too busy to prepare tasty, health-conscious meals, consider trying an online grocery delivery service (some Walmart locations are participators, check with your local one to see what’s available) or even a meal-kit delivery service. Talk to a center that specializes in helping people adjust to new diets, nutrition, or lifestyles, and see if you can’t learn from their menus ( Nutrition magazines can help you as you shop and keep your eye trained on good ingredients as well. 


Avacado Grocery Kits

If you struggle shopping for healthy, diet-friendly foods because of time-constraints, think about signing up for a subscription or market plan. With Apps like Avacado, you can get local market deliveries of fresh foods right to your door. Simply download the app, sign in and choose your favorite items to add to your cart. Once you check out, you’ll be able to choose a delivery time for your ingredients. Meaning you’ll spend less time shopping, and more time preparing meals and healthy recipes.


Essentially, if you think of your diet as a way of life instead of a toil, you’re far more likely to succeed. Best of luck!