AVOCADO’s  adds self-driving companies to its list of delivery partners 

In-line with AVOCADO’s commitment to bring latest technology to local stores, AVOCADO has added seamless integration with self-driving car technology on its platform. AVOCADO’s local commerce platform now embraces self-driving revolution. We are happy to announce, AVOCADO is one of the first platforms that is compatible for delivery with self-driving cars.

If you love to find products available in your local stores and you’re tired of waiting days and days for your items to be delivered to your home then switch to the new AVOCADO app and have your products delivered within a few hours from your favorite local stores!

By placing your order through the AVOCADO Shopping app, you will get to enjoy a quicker and more efficient delivery which works in the favor of both, retailers and customers. Self-driving cars allow AVOCADO new cost effective ways to deliver products to users home. The self-driving cars prove to be tremendously beneficial for the retailers as they reduces delivery expenses significantly.

90% of total retail shopping still happens at local stores and most of these stores are completely offline. Stores are able to increase their revenue anywhere from 2-10% by offering omni-channel shopping experience to it users through AVOCADO local commerce platform.

AVOCADO has partnered with numerous local retailers such as Down to Earth, DeMartini Orchard, Cognition Cyclery, Ernie’s Liquor etc. to guarantee an omni-channel shopping experience to users. With AVOCADO’s Shopping app, retail stores that used to be offline-only can be accessed online as well by the customers. They simply have to enter the zip code of the area in the app to browse through several local retailers and enjoy same day pickup and delivery.

Place your order through the AVOCADO app, you will not only come across exciting discounts and economical deals, you will also enjoy home delivery of premium quality products within 1-5 hours.

If you’re ready to shop smart, click here to download the app.