Patel Brothers now delivering with AVOCADO

Do you want to spice things up with a delicious, savory, and flavorful homemade Indian meal?

Then shop at your favorite Indian grocery store—Patel Brothers!

Located in Santa Clara, CA, Patel Brothers has been offering Indian grocery items since 1974. From spice blends, spices, and snacks to condiments, beverages, and ready-to-eat items, Patel Brothers bring India right into the heart of America!

But what is even more exciting is that now you can get Indian grocery delivery from Patel Brothers right at your doorstep! Now that Patel Brothers is available on AVOCADO, things are looking bigger, better, and brighter for everyone!

The AVOCADO shopping app and website is a revolutionary online platform that enables you to order from your local ethnic stores in Bay Area. Whether it is food, supplements or stationary, AVOCADO will bring it to you anywhere in California.

Since AVOCADO partners with several automated and self-driving car companies, it generally delivers accurate orders in less than the promised time. Quite recently, AVOCADO began using this automated car system to offer same day grocery delivery and you’ll be surprised to know that most orders are now delivered in less than 3 hours!

So now that Patel Brothers has joined forces with AVOCADO, you can enjoy a doorstep delivery in Santa Clara, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, San Jose, Milpitas and Cupertino, Los Altos, Saratoga, Los Gatos in less than 3 hours!

This has made Indian grocery shopping extremely convenient. What once was almost a rarity to find, AVOCADO has made only a few taps away from you.

So are you ready to spice things up in the kitchen and enjoy a wholesome Indian meal?  If yes, then place your order today at Patel Brothers through AVOCADO!

To place your order, download the app here or shop online here.



Max Muscle: An Unparalleled Service

Max Muscle now delivers Same Day thanks to the

AVOCADO shopping!

Restructuring your life with Max Muscle and moving from junk food to healthier options can really bring out a positive change in your mindset.

Are you struggling to make that transition? Can’t choose the healthier options for the right lifestyle? If yes then we have just the solution for you! Download the new Avocado shopping app and connect with the nearest Max Muscle in San Mateo for a complete self-transformation!

Max Muscle, founded in 1991, is one of the best and highly sought after nutrition suppliers that accommodate your health and fitness needs. The store has a vast array of products such as nutritional supplements, customized nutrition coaching, personalized meal planning and more. It is safe to say that Max Muscle is your go-to place to go to for all your health, fitness and nutrition concerned queries.

Ever since Max Muscle has partnered with AVOCADO, things are looking brighter for sports fanatics, fitness freaks and athletes in Bay Area. With AVOCADO’s partnership with the San Mateo franchise of Max Muscle, you can now receive your sports vitamins delivery in less than 3 hours to Redwood City, San Mateo, San Bruno, Foster City, Burlingame and Daly City.

Bay Area’s locals simply have to punch in their area zip code to access the Max Muscle store. What’s so stellar about this partnership is the same day nutrition delivery to your doorstep just a few hours after you placed the order!

"With AVOCADO's technology, local stores can leverage their physical locations and offer same day pickup and delivery services to customers. Local customers already know the store brands and love the convenience that AVOCADO Shopping app provides,” says Srikanth Kakani, the CEO and co-founder of the AVOCADO shopping app.

He continued, “AVOCADO platform is a nodal point for many emerging opportunities at the hyper local level. AVOCADO plugs into a network of on-demand drivers and delivery services that are already established and avails products to consumers for same day delivery."

So whether you’re looking for nutritional recharge or sports vitamins delivery, download the AVOCADO Shopping app or go to and obtain your favorite products within a few hours.

Besan International Market

Authentic Mediterranean flavors are rare to find, but now you can fill up your pantry with premium quality Mediterranean groceries from Besan International Market within a couple of hours!

Besan International Market brings to your local area Middle Eastern and European groceries, snacks and more at reasonable rates. However, this grocery store is famous for its  fresh meat which now you can have delivered right to your doorstep, within a few hours of your order placement.

Located in San Bruno, CA, this high-end store for Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Groceries was only accessible by the locals of the city. But with Besan International Market’s annunciation of partnership with AVOCADO, the store’s famous special meat and groceries are now available to the locals of San Mateo, Foster City, Burlingame and Daly City.

AVOCADO app is a revolutionary online platform that provides users with a seamless shopping experience. The Omni-channel application has partnered with several local retailers of the Bay Area including Flax Art, Wow Cool, Cognition Cyclery, DeMartini and more, bringing these stores from only-offline to offline and online presence. Customers who could once only access these stores by physically visiting them are now just a few taps away from placing their orders with these stores through the AVOCADO app.

AVOCADO’s founder and CEO, Srikanth says, "Our vision is to empower local retail stores and make their products accessible across channels so that it is easier for users to browse, search and order for home delivery from stores within their local area.” Thanks to this partnership, local users can access Besan International Market’s fresh meat delivery to their doorsteps.

The next important step AVOCADO took to improve the platform was to partner with several self-driving car agencies. With this partnership, AVOCADO now succeeds in same day meat delivery services from Besan International Market and other local stores to all the shoppers!

For fresh, special meat or Middle Eastern grocery delivery to your home, download the AVOCADO app.

Get Same Day Delivery from Wow Cool® Alternative Comics

Everything You Want Will Be Yours within 24 Hours


Bay Area’s favorite entertainment store, Wow Cool® Alternative Comics is now partnering with AVOCADO with a promise to count on - same day delivery!

Are you too geeky to miss out on the latest comic editions? Or, is your nerdy side kicking in and all you can think of is losing yourself in books? Whether you’re looking for comics, books, magazines, music or kids products online, you probably wait for days to receive them.

But not anymore! Cool® Alternative Comics has announced its partnership with AVOCADO and ensures a seamless shopping experience with the same day delivery guaranteed!

Wow Cool, the brainchild of Marc Arsenault, was founded in January 1988 in New York City and operated in Santa Clara County, California today. This store of entertaining gazette has all your favorite books, comics, kids’ products, story books, magazines and music in its vault available for sale!

Residents of Santa Clara and San Bruno were the only ones to have access to this amazing store. But with Wow Comics and AVOCADO now partnering, locals of Cupertino, Los Altos, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Mountain View can also enjoy books and comics delivery within 24 hours.

The AVOCADO shopping app allows users of the local area to browse and discover the best and most competent retailers of the local market! The seamless shopping channel now gives you the luxury to access your favorite local stores online by simply entering your area zip code in the AVOCADO app!

Self-driving cars that AVOCADO is now partnering with makes your shopping experience efficient and budget-friendly. By placing your order with Wow Cool through the AVOCADO app, your items are picked up by the self-driving cars and delivered to your doorstep within the same day! Unlike international shipping orders that take 5-7 business days for delivery at higher costs, you get to enjoy premium products of Wow Comics just a couple of hours after ordering them and that too at reasonable prices!

Download the AVOCADO shopping app to enjoy same day books delivery or comics delivery from Wow Comics to your doorstep.

The Power of Your Purchase—AVOCADO’s Mission

Empower Your Community and Celebrate Cultural Diversity Through the Power of Your Purchase

Emancipating your basic right to relish cultural diversity, AVOCADO brings back the richness in your lifestyle by enabling you to access products from unique local retailers within the comforts of your home.

Every Place Is Different in Its Own Way and Uniqueness Comes from  People Around Us!

Our culture is represented by what we create, spread and share as individuals and as members of our community. The things that we use and the lives we live symbolize our founding principles and what we value the most.

The pure delight brought to our lives by the unique and specialty products manufactured by the local retailers is more precious than any crystal in this world. Yet, accessing and consuming such products that enrich our lives is difficult.

AVOCADO aims to create a utopian world for you—a world where you can celebrate your identity as part of this thriving cultural community with ease. Our mission is to allow you to reclaim your rights by providing a platform where you can indulge in local and specialty products, uniquely crafted with love.

Unlike the million-dollar international firms that robotically supply homogenous products to you that lack the very essence of humanity, local retailers are artisans who invest their thought, love and kind regards in their products. They provide you with exceptional hand-crafted products, brimming with authenticity. By connecting these local craftsmen with you, AVOCADO not only rejuvenates the community with love and life, but it also improves your lifestyle by enabling you to consume specialty products within 3 hours through its doorstep delivery.

From specialty grocery and gourmet cuisines and unique handcrafted gifts and flowers to freshly brewed beers, artisan wines, organic beauty and wellness products, AVOCADO offers a vast variety of products to complete your unique consumption experience.

AVOCADO believes itself to be an exchange platform. The luxury of using specialty, fresh, unique and local products via the app allows you to empower small-scale, family-run businesses and local retailers. With AVOCADO shopping app, you make a difference.

Join us in our enterprise to keep the traditional culinary secrets and flavors of your local community by empowering small businesses. With local delivery, you encourage sustainability as we use minimal packaging and collaborate with retailers that offer deliveries.

Lakshmi Bazaar: Now Brings the Taste of India to Bay Area

Does the long lineage of the Indian culture fascinate you? Are you bedazzled by the glistening idols, the meditative chants and the vibrancy of the country? Then here’s some good news for you- Lakshmi Bazaar is now officially partnering with AVOCADO!


Bringing to the heart of California authentic flavors of India, Lakshmi Bazaar specializes in traditional Indian cuisines, spices and produces. But what it strikingly stands out for is its vast range of authentic, tasteful Indian cuisines, from appetizers and snacks to entrees that has driven the entire California wild!

Ever since Lakshmi Bazaar announced its partnership with Srikanth Kakani’s brainchild, AVOCADO, its sales turnover ratio is now on an unremitting ascent! Now that Lakshmi Bazaar is online, more and more Indian food lovers are satisfying their cravings on a daily basis. Whether it is fresh and crispy Aloo Samosas or piping hot Dal Mahkani, Lakshmi Bazaar serves it within an hour of delivery, all thanks to AVOCADO!

AVOCADO’s innovative online shopping platform has completely revolutionized the market for retailers! Foodies with gastronomical urges for Indian food used to travel all the way to San Jose to entertain their taste buds with South Asian flavors. Today, Lakshmi Bazaar extends its addictive culinary creations all the way from San Jose to Saratoga, Santa Clara and Cupertino! And no, if you’re worried about the food not being sizzling or the spices not being fresh then you’re way too wrong- it’s super fresh!

AVOCADO’s online shopping platform allows users to indulge in a seamless shopping experience. Simply by downloading the app and punching in their local zip code, they can access Lakshmi Bazaar through the app and place their order!

But the surprise doesn’t end here. In fact, the brilliancy of the AVOCADO app lies in its ability to deliver the food oven hot thanks to its recruitment of self-driving cars. These automated, self-driving cars are exceptionally fuel and time efficient, picking up the food orders and delivering them to your doorstep within 60 minutes of order placement!

So download the AVOCADO shopping app and tantalize your taste buds with Lakshmi Bazaar’s delicious Indian meals!

Max Muscle Cupertino Now Accessible Through AVOCADO

Never halt your journey to fitness anymore and enjoy nutrition delivery within 3 hours!


Risks of obesity are quite high these days. With the unhealthy, junk food all around us, sticking to a healthy diet plan seems like a mirage. Struggling to transmute your life into a healthier, fitness friendly diet plan? Then access the Max Muscle health store through AVOCADO and revolutionize your life completely!

Max Muscle, located in Cupertino, CA is a highly sought after retail store that caters to all your nutritional needs. Paving the path to your ultimate transformation, Max Muscle offers personalized nutritional supplements, nutrition coaching, and meal planning.

The best part about all of this is that Bay Area’s residents can access avail Max Muscle’s high quality, result-oriented products in not just Cupertino, but also Santa Clara, San Jose, and Sunnyvale!

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Ever since Max Muscle joined hands with AVOCADO, things have been looking brighter for Bay Area’s inmates!

AVOCADO is a metamorphosis in the traditional retailers’ life, pulling them from just offline establishments to an offline + online presence. This innovative app collaborates with several retailers located in California, and provides them with a platform to build an online presence. All you have to do is punch in your local zip code to access your favorite stores through your mobile phone that you used to travel miles for!

But this was just the beginning of AVOCADO’s reformative movement! With the intentions of accelerating the growth of the local markets, AVOCADO has partnered with several self driving cars such as Automated Cars and to go out of its way and provide customers with a ‘within 3 hours home delivery’!

Shopping experience that was as seamless as the one with AVOCADO was unimaginable before- but not anymore! These cars that AVOCADO recruits deliver all the orders within less than 3-5 hours of the order placement, beating any other place’s claims of ‘same day delivery.’

So whether you need a quick sports vitamin delivery, or running out of your supplements and need a nutrition delivery to restock, just place your order with Max Muscle through AVOCADO.

Don’t have the AVOCADO app? Click here to download.  

Passage to India

Relish the Authentic Flavors of India in the Heart of Bay Area with AVOCADO

California’s market is flooded with a variety of ethnical cuisines. Yet, a common flaw in most ethnic edibles is the Americanization of those foods, which deprives food freaks of the authentic flavors they crave to experience. But with Passage to India making its way to the AVOCADO shopping app, there is no obstacle in your way that would hinder you from relishing the true flavors of India!

Brainchild of the culinary expert, Shushma Taneja, Passage to India paved its way into Bay Area’s food fiesta back in 2001. Originally serving in Palo Alto, Sunnyvale and Santa Clara, this bakery has reinforced the authenticity of Indian flavors and has established a highly esteemed reputation as the specialist of eggless baked goodies and Indian cuisines.

From wedding to theme cakes and fresh mithai, Passage to India offers treats that dissolve in your mouth within a single bite! The restaurant offers savories for the spice lovers as well, such as the Indian fusion, hot foods, chaat and snacks that are all guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds.

With Passage to India making its way to the revolutionary AVOCADO shopping app, ordering your favorite items on the menu has never been easier before! With the partnership between Passage to India and AVOCADO shopping app, the restaurant provides services to Mountain View, Los Altos, Cupertino and Los Altos Hills!

The AVOCADO shopping app offers users a seamless shopping experience. With its ambition to streamline the business sector for local retailers, it provides an online platform to formerly offline-only local retailers, allowing them to provide their services to online customers as well.

With AVOCADO’s rampant success, it also introduced self-driving cars for the transportation of goods from the retailers to the users. This has allowed AVOCADO to compete with giant online platforms such as Amazon as it can deliver fresh and perishable items within 1-3 hours!

So if you’re in the mood for some authentic Indian sweet or savories in the Bay Area, place your order with Passage to India from your very own AVOCADO app!

Don’t have the AVOCADO app? Click here to download.  

SpiceLuxe: The Ultimate Solution for Messy Kitchens


Have you ever accidentally sprinkled salt in your cake batter? Or, specked your delicious gravy with sugar dust? Then you know the pain of having to remake everything from scratch!

A solution to your culinary disasters, SpiceLuxe was established in 2016 by Seth Graham out of one of his own disastrous experiences. Thereafter, Seth introduced the ideal solution to prevent such culinary calamities in the most aesthetically appeasing ways through his invention—SpiceLuxe.

SpiceLuxe offers a wide range of Instagram-inspired labeled jars and lids, racks & storage, perfect for the ultimate redecoration of your kitchen. Thanks to their vast array of organic spices, you can now give your cooking a new twist of flavors. What makes this extra special is their consciousness towards keeping things eco-friendly!

So if you’re giving your kitchen a makeover or have gone through one too many instances of dredging the wrong spices in the right dish, it’s time to get in touch with SpiceLuxe.

SpiceLuxe has now partnered with AVOCADO! The once offline-only store now makes its way on the revolutionary online shopping platform, AVOCADO, making life a lot easier for you!

Whether you’re looking for ways to spice up your kitchen’s look or just trying to get more organized with your arrangements, you can now place your order through AVOCADO.  AVOCADO partners with a number of self-driving automated vehicle companies that are quick and efficient with their delivery system. As a result, AVOCADO trumps any other online retailer by delivering your packages within 3 hours of order placement.

But what makes AVOCADO an even more special place is its focus on locally produced unique and specialty products. By bringing to customers the products created with love and care, it allows you to indulge in a unique and exceptional shopping experience.

Ready to move to a more organic and organized lifestyle? Then start off with your kitchen and place your order at SpiceLuxe via AVOCADO shopping app. Or, you can place your order through AVOCADO’s website.

Frieda & Joe Inc Partners with AVOCADO


Are you tired and exhausted with your demanding daily routine?

Do you wish to indulge in a self-pampering session?

If yes, then it’s about time for some ‘me’ time with New Jersey’s favorite—Frieda & Joe Inc!

Giving you a chance to release all the stress and frustration of your daily life, Fried & Joe create enchanting, aromatherapy infused bath bombs and bath rocks available in plentiful colors! As soon as the bath bombs or rocks collide with the water, they burst into visually pleasing colors, spreading a remedial, calming and pleasant scent all around you!

In addition, the bombs and rocks carry the benefits of essential oils such as lavender, melon, vanilla, cucumber, green tea and mint that truly deliver a rejuvenating experience!

But Frieda & Joe don’t just stop here, they’ve got more! Known for infusing natural herbs and plantations to create products with soothing effects, Frieda & Joe are quite renowned for their fragrance collections. From individual fragrances available in Cherry Blossom, Pink Peony, Red Currant and Lavender to collections for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Bridal Shower, Holiday, etc., the variety at Frieda & Joe is admirable!

Engineered with fresh and unique ingredients collected from all around the world, the fragrances are absolutely ethereal! So whether you’re looking for fragrances for personal use or a gift set, Fried & Joe’s collections are always a great idea.

Fried and Joe’s collection is even more famous in New Jersey because it is conveniently accessible. With the partnership of Fried & Joe Inc and AVOCADO shopping website and app, getting your hands on these exclusive products is super easy!

AVOCADO provides the local retailers a platform to build an online presence and connect with their customers virtually. Not only does this increase their market share, but it also allows consumers a chance to contribute to the growth and development of their community by consuming specialty bath and beauty products.

But what makes this venture so exciting is the fact that with this partnership, people from every corner of Linden, NJ, can now order exclusive bath & beauty products and receive them within 1-3 hours. As AVOCADO employs several self-driving cars, it offers free doorstep deliveries to customers, allowing them to enjoy products without any delay. This gives you a whole new consumption experience!

So if you’re ready to get your products today, place your order on AVOCADO’s shopping website. Or, download the app by clicking here.